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Popular/public talks

1. Lichtenberger, J., From the music of the Spheres to Space Weather: how can we protect our space assets? Research School of Environmental Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, (30 June 2011).

2. Rodger, C. J., And then the Sun went "Bang", Space Science Public Lecture Series 2012 #1, South African National Space Agency (SANSA), Hermanus, South Africa, (30 January 2012).

3. Rodger C. J., Aurora over Otago, Cromwell Rotary Club, Cromwell, New Zealand, Aurora over Otago (19 November 2012).

4. Rodger C. J., Aurora over Otago, Cromwell & Districts Probus Club, Cromwell, New Zealand, (19 November 2012).

5. Rodger C. J., Aurora and the Terra Nova, Oamaru Scott 100 commemoration public talk, Oamaru Opera House, Oamaru, New Zealand, (8 February 2013).

6. Rodger C. J., Zombie Satellites, Killer Electrons and AARDDVARK-Radio - Space Physics research in Otago and Antarctica, (public lecture), University of Otago Inaugural Professorial Lecture (18 March 2014).

Popular/public articles

1. Lichtenberger J., Cs. Ferencz, A szférák zenéje és az űridőjárás, Magyar Tudomány, 173 (2012/12), pp.1426-1434, 2012.

2. Heilig B., P. Kovács, and A. Csontos, A földmágneses észlelések szerepe az űrkutatásban (The role of geomagnetic observations in space research), Magyar Tudomány, 173. évf. 12. sz., 1435-1442. p. (in Hungarian), 2012.

Media Coverage

1. Craig Rodger interviewed and photographed on 30 January 2012 by Kerry van Rensburg of the Hermanus Times concerning the public lecture he was to give that day at the Space Science units of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) in Hermanus, South Africa. A story was published in the Hermanus Times on 2 February 2012 ("Keeping an eye on the Sun").

2. Interviewed on 30 January 2012 by Andre Vaynol of Whale Coast Media (Hermanus, South Africa). The interview was broadcast live on this radio station, and discussed our EU funding, space weather, and lightning detection. 3. Craig Rodger interviewed live on 9 March 2012 at 0850 am on National Radio's Morning Report programme on the impact of a coronal mass ejection launched from the Sun.

4. Craig Rodger Interviewed live on 10 March 2012 at 0845 am on National Radio's Saturday morning with Kim Hill programme on the impact of a coronal mass ejection launched from the Sun.

5. Interviewed by Bruce Munro of the Otago Daily Times on the scientific legacy of the British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition 1910-1913, due to the upcoming 100th anniversary public lecture to be given in Oamaru. Interview undertaken on 29 January 2013. Story with photograph published on 2 February 2013 (page 47, "Legacy escapes the ice"). Craig's contribution primarily focused on aurora and Sun-Earth connections.

6. Obsztanovka-űrkisérlet (Obstanovka experiment on ISS) - OzoneNetwork TV 20 June 2013. An interview with Janos Lichtenberger and Sandor Szalai on Obstanovka experiment on ISS, space plasma physics and space weather. see more...

7. Interviewed by John Gibb of the Otago Daily Times on recent auroral displays over Dunedin (21, 23 and 28 February 2014). Story published online 28 February 2014 ("Chance to see the Southern Lights tonight").

8. "Veszélymentesítő részecskedetektívek", Népszabadság, LXXII évfolyam, 160. szám, 14. oldal, 2014. július 10.

9. Hungarian Space News Website, Űridőjárás-előrejelzés magyar vezetéssel ("Space Weather Forecast Hungarian leadership"), online from 13 July 2014. Read more...

10. Hungary National Radio story on the PLASMON project () on 20 July 2014. Listen more...


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